Four Firework Safety Tips That Can Save Your Home  

Whether you are celebrating the Fourth of July or wanted to add a little extra excitement to a kids birthday party, fireworks are always a crowd pleaser. Who would not appreciate the added color and sparkle fireworks adds to any event? As fun as fireworks may be, you do not want to put your home and the safety of your family and guests in danger by handling fireworks carelessly. Follow these four key safety tips for fireworks below for a safe and sane fireworks home display.

Don not buy fireworks that are un-labeled or which come in plain brown wrappers

Fireworks that do not come in consumer commercial packaging might have come from professional bundles. These professional-grade fireworks might not be safe for consumer use. Your homes safety might be compromised if these fireworks pack more bang than you expected.

Even when only using sparklers, make sure you supervise your kids

Many parents get a false sense of security with sparklers. They think that sparklers are safe when handled by kids since they are just sparklers that emit some light instead of bottle rockets or heavy-duty fireworks which shoot up in the air and make a lot of noise. You need to supervise your kids when they are handling sparklers since these types of fireworks can reach temperatures that are high enough to melt some types of metal. Now, thats hot-and potentially hazardous. Instruct your kids on how to hold sparklers safely and always keep an eye on them.

Always keep a bucket of sand, a bucket of water, or a water hose ready

Firework accidents happen when you least expect it. While accidents involving fireworks are fairly rare, you do not want your child or a loved one to be one of those rare victims of firework mishaps. Make sure you have a bucket of sand or water or a water hose ready. Sand can snuff out fires as effectively as water. Always remember where your bucket or hose is during the fireworks celebration in your backyard. You never know when you have to rush and use these items.

Make sure you use a wireless monitored smoke detector

Fireworks can sometimes get out of hand and fire hazards are always present. Add an extra layer of fire protection and fire prevention to your home by using a wireless monitored smoke detector. This device is part of your homes overall security system and actively detects any smoke or rapid rise in temperature in your home on a 24 hour/7 day basis. Since it is monitored, you do not have to be home to be protected; the device signals its monitoring facility in case of an incident which then notifies the nearest fire department in your location.

When handling or storing fireworks, make sure you keep the tips above in mind. Enjoy more peace of mind by being proactive against the potential hazards fireworks bring. With the right precautions and preparation, you and your family can enjoy your celebrations with a greater sense of security.